How Does the DIY Tribute Work?

Create a Tribute by going to

1) Invite your friends: Rally your Tribute Participants to action – We’ll help you build a Tribute web page with information on what you and your Tribute invitees need to do. – Our Reminder tool helps you invite friends and family from your existing email contacts to save your time. – It only takes a few minutes to invite your friends and family and setup your virtual Tribute page.

2) Collect Videos: Receive large files and send reminders – We will send an email to your invitees inviting them to visit your public Tribute page. – Your Tribute page has information on what to say and a link to upload/shoot their video. – We also provide a simple one-click reminder tool that you can use to nudge the slackers!

3) Compile your Tribute: No editing or technical experience required – Submitted videos will flow into your user dashboard. – Our Dashboard lets you drag videos into the order you’d like them to play. Then you can add any text, transitions, and music you’d like – Our editor automatically normalizes both sound and video size.

You will receive a HQ mp4 file of your Tribute Video when finished

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