PR Design Assets

the various components of Tribute’s design assets TRI_FullLogo_Red.png (80 KB) TRI_PlaneIcon_ Red.png (20 KB) TRI_PlaneIcon_ White.png (20 KB) TRI_FullLogo_WhiteIcon.png (70 KB) TRI_PlaneIcon_ White_Circle.png (100 KB) TRI_PlaneIcon_ Red_Circle (1).png (300 KB) usb in box.JPG (1 MB)

What are the available e-Gift Card Merchants?

They can choose from any of these merchants and their respective denomination: Home Depot $5 – $250 Uber $15 – $250 DoorDash $15 – $250 Walmart $5 – $250 Uber Eats $15 – $250 Amazon $5 – $250 Bass Pro Shops – $15 – $250 Bed Bath and Beyond – $15 – $250 Gamestop – $15 – $250 REI – […]

How can participants use the feature?

The feature can only be used if the Tribute creator / organizer has enabled the gift card feature when they created the Tribute. Click on the invitation link where you can record or upload video, upon successfully submitting your video, you will be directed to a landing page where you have the option […]

Can Tribute Creators / Organizers purchase e-Gift Cards?

Absolutely! Tribute Creators can purchase e-Gift Cards with the same invitation page that has been sent out to the participants. We strongly recommend for Creators to utilize the invitation page in submitting your video to check the options for the e-Gift Cards. What to do if you have already submitted a video […]

How are e-Gift Cards delivered?

The e-gift card will be delivered to the recipient if the Tribute creator / organizer chooses the first 3 options automatically. The video montage will be received first followed by the e-Gift card in a separate email.  In other words, the recipient will receive 2 separate emails for the video and the e-Gift card if […]

How to enable the e-Gift Card Feature?

How to enable the e-Gift Card Feature? Tribute Creators can enable the feature for participants to purchase an e-Gift Card under Customize your Tribute part of the Tribute creation process. The feature is enabled by default for all customers (this can be found below the option for DIY and Concierge service)