How Do I Submit Multiple Videos?

If you’d like to submit more videos after you finish uploading your first one, simply click the “Record and Upload a Video” button again and repeat the same quick process!  If you already exited the page, feel free to access it again and follow the same steps as before when […]

How to Upload / Record using my Computer?

Once you receive a Tribute Invitation on your email, here are the steps to upload your video First, open the email and click on Look More & Submit Your Video This will route you to another page where you’ll be ask to Record / Upload You Video This will ask you to […]

How Is the Final Tribute Delivered to Me?

Once you’ve finalized your Tribute, you will receive an email from us with the link to the dedicated page on our site where you will be able to view the final video and download a high-definition version of it. Example page: If you choose the Public or Unlisted YouTube options […]

When Do I Publish & Checkout?

Don’t click on “Publish & Checkout” until the very end when you have collected all footage and it has been edited. 😊 Once you publish & checkout the video starts to render, a process that takes 3 minutes per minute of footage. After the rendering is done you get the final version […]

Why Does My Card Keep Getting Rejected?

it may be necessary to contact your credit card company To keep credit card information safe, our checkout is powered by Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the Internet. They successfully process millions of transactions per day. If your payment is rejected or denied, please contact your credit […]

When Do I Pay for My Tribute?

it is the last step in the process during publish & checkout Payment is the very last step in the Tribute creation process! You don’t have to pay until all videos have been collected and you’ve had the chance to preview your full Tribute. We don’t charge you until you’re […]