How to Upload / Record using my Computer?

Once you receive a Tribute Invitation on your email, here are the steps to upload your video

First, open the email and click on Look More & Submit Your Video

This will route you to another page where you’ll be ask to Record / Upload You Video

This will ask you to input your Name and you Email Address

After adding your Name and Email Address, you’ll be routed to the next page where you can Record or Upload a Video

If you choose to Record a Video (this is how the page will look like)

Note: Please make sure that the Camera and Microphone Icons are Green before you click Record

If you choose to Upload Video (here are the pages for Windows and MAC Users)



Once Uploading / Recording has been successfully completed, a CONFIRM VIDEO button will appear, please click on that.

And you’re all set!

An email confirmation will be sent for successfully uploading a video.

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