What Are the Privacy Settings of My Tribute?

Tribute creators have total control over privacy settings of their video

Anyone that hosts a Tribute on our site has full control over the privacy of their video.

Here’s how you manage these settings through each stage of the process:

1. When you Start a Tribute

– You are able to choose whether your Video Collection page is password protected: [Sample](https://www.tribute.co/privatesample)

2. When you publish your final Tribute video (after checkout)

– Every Tribute is hosted by default on our site (sample: https://www.tribute.co/susantaylor/)
– You have the option to upload your video to YouTube as a Public or Unlisted video.
– As the creator, you have the choice of protecting your Tribute page with a password.
– At checkout, you have options on who receives a notification email that the final Tribute is ready to view. Note: This uses the same Tribute page URL that was sent in the invite email, so the only way to restrict access to that page is by setting a password.

Ownership: You own your footage and we will never use it publicly without your direct consent. Tribute may share/use videos that are shared “Publicly” on YouTube by you (the Tribute creator)

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns in regards to the privacy of your video. We’d be more than happy to talk you through it and are happy to adjust the settings for you if you’d like.

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